Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle

Published On April 19, 2024

Spring Vehicle Maintenance

​Get Ready for a Smooth Ride with NFS Auto Repair

As winter is coming to an end and the trees and flowers start to bloom, it’s time to get ready and focus on your vehicle’s needs. After the long winter months your car deserves some TLC to prepare it for the warm upcoming seasons. In this blog, NFS Auto Repair will go over some important spring maintenance tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely during your spring adventures.

Why Spring Maintenance is Important:

As the weather gets warmer, you will need to prepare your car for the changing seasons. Spring maintenance is a very important step to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Here are some reasons to have regular vehicle maintenance done. The winter months can really put a toll on your car, from the tires to the battery. Catching any underlaying issues in your vehicle before heading into a spring road trip can really optimize your car’s lifetime and ensure maximum performance.

Driving on icy road conditions can suppress any problems related to your brakes, suspension, or steering. Maintenance checks help pinpoint any safety issues within your car before it’s too late. Having regular maintenance done on your car, including fluid checks and filter changes, improves fuel economy, saves money on gas and is positively affecting the environment.

Essential Spring Maintenance Checklist:

Checking Tire Pressure

Tire check: Check tire pressure, tread depth and general conditions of tires. This is the time to replace your winter tires with regular tires for ultimate performance throughout spring and summer.

Fluid check: Make sure all fluids are topped up and good to go, this includes engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. Consider flushing and replacing fluids in the winter months for the best results.

Brake check: Check the brakes for wear. Spring is the perfect time to replace worn brake pads and repair brake issues to ensure your safety while driving throughout the year.

Alignment and Suspension: Rough winter roads can weaken your vehicle’s suspension and cause it to go out of alignment. Schedule a professional alignment and suspension inspection to prevent tire wear and to ensure a smooth ride ahead.

Cleaning and Detailing: Regularly wash and wax your car to remove winter dirt and grime to protect the paint from spring elements. Most importantly, don’t forget to clean and remove any salt or debris that may be stuck on the undercarriage of your vehicle.

DIY Maintenance Tips:

While some maintenance requires a professional, there are some DIY tasks you can do to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. We recommend you inspect and replace the air filter if it is clogged or dirty to improve engine performance and fuel economy. Next you should clean the battery terminals and ensure a reliable connection. If you notice your battery may be weak, consider testing your charge or having it checked by a professional. Lastly, replace worn wiper blades to ensure clear visibility during spring rains.

For Spring Maintenance, Trust NFS Auto Repair

NFS Auto Repair is committed to providing tip top service to keep your car running smoothly all year long. Don’t let spring creep up on you — book a spring service today and leave feeling confident for the upcoming months.

Follow our blog for great tips and expert automotive advice. For more information about our services and to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 705-566-3519 or visit www.nfsautorepair.ca. Let’s make this spring a smooth ride together!

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